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Harry: “Helloooo boys! Guess who is here!” You sing, walking onto the tour bus with a smile. You had decided to surprise your boyfriend, Harry, by coming on tour with him in honor of your 1 year anniversary. You had called Paul yesterday and asked for their tour schedule, and it turns out today was one of their few resting days. So you drove out to New York, where they are playing at Madison Square Garden, and hope to give Harry the best gift of all. You! “Boys? I don’t bite!” You shout, looking around the bus with your eyebrows furrowed. Where were they? “We’re playing hide and seek aren’t we. Okay, I’ll play along. You’re in the.. Kitchen!” You throw open the door to the kitchen, but there is nobody there. “How about the living room?” You peek into the living room, but again there is nobody there. “How about Harry’s room?” You fling open the ajar door and see 2 figures under the covers, pressed together. “Hm, is this Larry Stylinson I see?” You say jokingly, tip-toeing over to the covers and throwing them back. But what you see is certainly not what you were expecting. Harry and a small, blonde girl were sound asleep, their bodies pressed together. Harry was spooning her, his arms draped around her waist and their hands intertwined together. Oh, and not to mention the fact that she was just in her bra and underwear and he in his boxers. You cant help but let out a small cry, and apparently it was louder than you thought because Harry’s eyes fly open. “[Y/N]?” He gasps, hopping up from the bed and rushing over to you. He tries to embrace you, but you push him away. “D-Don’t touch me Harry.” You whisper, but he comes towards you again. “Harry get off!” You scream, pounding against his chest this time, tears streaming down your face. By now the blonde girl had woken up, and she was staring at you both in utter shock. She runs out of the room and you can hear the door to the tour bus slam behind her. “Please.. [Y/N] I didn’t mean it. I love you so much, so, so, so much.” He begs, but now your storming out of the room. “Really!? Did you tell that to the whore too? Because you certainly love her enough to fuck her!” You scream, turning around and looking Harry right in the eyes. “We’re done.” And with that, you slam the door to the bus and walk to your car, never looking back.

Liam: "Li Li! I brought ice cream!" You shout, walking into your flat with bags in your hands. You had gotten off early from your job at Coldstone Creamery, so you came home with ice cream to suprise Liam. "Li? Where are you?" You call, setting down the bags on the table and looking around the flat. He is nowhere to be found, but you do find something intresting in your bedroom. Its a note, from Liam, but it’s not made out to you. Dani, I went out to the store to get us food for tonight. [Y/N] won’t be home till 10.. you know what that means. ;) xx can’t wait to see you, love you lots! -liam. You drop the paper, just standing there for a minute trying to process everything. Liam was cheating on you with Danielle. Perfect, gorgeous, funny Danielle. She was better than you in every way, and Liam must have noticed that too. You take a deep breath, but stay strong, not letting a single tear fall from your eyes. You start to pack up your things, gathering all your clothes and belongings and placing them all in your car. You were planning to simply pack up and leave, giving Liam no chance to apoligize. He would tell you that he never meant it, and that he only wanted you. You would look into those brown eyes and your heart would melt, and you would forgive him just like you always do. But this time, he had gone to far. You are packing up your last things when you hear the front door close, and Liam’s familiar voice calling out for Danielle. “Dani? Are you here? I got chinese!” You don’t say a word, but your heart is pounding as he walks up the stairs and into your room. “[Y/N]?” He exclaims, dropping the food bag and looking at you with wide eyes. “Oh god, oh god your packing. You read the note, didn’t you? I’m so sorry, oh god please dont go.” He begs, rushing over to you and putting his hands on your shoulders. “Liam, stop.” You say sternly, shaking his hands off. “You obviously want Danielle back, so who am I to stop you. I’ll pack my things and go.” You say, and as much as it breaks your heart you get up and walk past him without another word. “[Y/N]! Please! Come back!” He yells, but you don’t listen. You keep walking with your head held high, drowning out everything but the sound of your suitcase wheels scraping across the ground. You even see Danielle pulling up to your flat, but even that doesn’t phase you. Your dignity is the last thing you have, and your intent on keeping it. 

Niall: You and Niall were having a relaxation day, the first one in a very long time. He had been on tour for over a month and this was the first time you two were seeing each other, so you are spending the day snuggling and doing nothing. He was making popcorn in the kitchen, so you had checked your twitter. Nothing intresting, as usual, but as you scrolled through your notifications something caught your eye. HAS ONE DIRECTION MEMBER NIALL HORAN FOUND A NEW PRINCESS? You roll your eyes, figuring this was just another rumor somebody had created for fame. “Well, lets see what they have come up with this time.” You say, laughing lightly as you click on the website link. There, at the top of the page was a picture of Niall kissing a girl who was obviously not you. She had short, black hair, long legs and tan skin. She was beautiful.. gorgeous in fact. Much prettier than you could ever dream to be. As you scroll down the page there is many more pictures, one of them shopping, one of them entering his flat and tons more of them showing PDA in public. “The popcorn has been buttered! Let the chick flick marathon begin.” Niall exclaims, plopping down on the couch with the bowl of popcorn on his lap. “Who’s Jessica Bourne?” You ask quietly, looking over at him with teary eyes. Niall’s smile fades to a tight line as he snatches the computer from you, scrolling down the page with wide eyes. “Damn paparazzi.” He says under his breath, and the tears start falling freely down your face. “So it’s true.” You spit, jumping up from the couch and grabbing your purse. “[Y/N]! Where are you going?!” Niall screams, running after you and spinning you around by the shoulders. “Oh, please don’t cry.. I’m so sorry. I love you so much, I-I.. She was a mistake that will never ever happen again.” He wipes a tear from your cheek with his thumb, and leans in to kiss you. “Niall, stop. I’m not your girlfriend anymore, remember? Because you kissed that whore and screwed everything up!” You shout, grabbing your purse and walking towards the door. “I’ll come to get my stuff tomorrow.” And without another word, you walk away from the boy who was the love of your life only 5 minutes ago. In 5 short minutes, your whole world came crashing down.

Zayn: "Zaynie, whats that?" You ask, looking at a fresh tattoo on his wrist. "Oh, nothing." He mutters, sliding his shirt up over his wrist to hide the tattoo. "Coommee on Zaayyniieee let me see!" You sing, sliding over to Zayn on the couch and lifting up his sleeve. There, in perfect letters, was a infinity sign with Zayn & Brandi written in neat, cursive letters. “W-Whats this?” You stutter, looking down at the tattoo with wide eyes. “[Y/N] let me explain.” Zayn says, surprisingly calm for a boy who’s secret affair had just been exposed. “I was drunk with the boys and I met this girl.. we hooked up and got tattoos. But that is all that happened, when i was sober and realized what happened I left her immediatley, I sware.” Zayn explains, looking at you with the dark brown eyes that always made your heart melt. But for some reason, when you looked in them this time you felt nothing. No fluttery feeling inside your chest, or pounding in your heart like you usually do. You felt nothing.. nothing at all. “Zayn, I believe you. I really do, but this changes everything. I used to trust you, and thats why I fell in love with you. You were the one person that would always be there for me, and would never let me down. But now that I can’t count on you to do that..” Your voice trails off, and you look up at Zayn with a single tear on your cheek. “I can’t be with you, Zayn. But you know, maybe you and Brandi can. I mean, Forever Zayn and Brandi, right?” You sigh and lift yourself off the bed, grabbing your keys and walking to the door. You stop for a second, looking over your shoulder, expecting Zayn to run after you and apologize for everything. But he doesn’t, and that is what really hurts the most. So, with a deep breath, you walk out of the house and into your car, driving away from who used to be the love of your life.

Louis:"Its gotta be yooooooooooou! Only yooooooooou!" You sing, riding along the highway in your red convertible. Today was your day off, and you were going to meet Louis at your favorite resturaunt, Creme de la Creme. You pull up to the resturaunt and step out, nearly tripping over the curb in your new 5 inch, white Jimmy Choo pumps. Louis had bought them for you as an anniversary gift, as well as a new sky blue mini dress along with them. You smiled at the valet and strutted through the doors, proud of how sexy you looked in this dress. "Did Louis buy you that outfit?" A voice says from behind you, and you stop mid-step to turn around and see who the voice belonged to. Turns out it is none other than Eleanor Calder, Louis’ ex girlfriend. Your mouth drops as you see what she is wearing.. the exact same outfit as you. She even looks better in it, pairing the dress with silver charm bracelets, diamond stud earrings and a simple silver locket around her neck. "I know because he bought the same outfit for me." Eleanor and you get to talking, and you find out that he has been cheating on you for the past month of your relationship. He came running back to Eleanor begging for forgiveness, and telling her that breaking it off for a new girl was a horrible mistake. "She is nothing compared to you." He had said, which broke your heart into a million pieces. He had said those exact words to you on your first date, when you asked about Eleanor. Louis turns out to be a half hour late, and when he arrives he is shocked to see his two girlfriends, dressed exactly the same, crying into each other’s shoulders. "[Y/N]? El?" He gasps, and you both look at him with cold, hard expressions. "How could you!" You shout in sync, grabbing each other’s hands and walking out of the resturaunt without another word. He calls your names dozens of times as you walk to your cars, but you both ignore it, never daring to look back.

i know none of the boys would never do this to their girlfriends, and i hope you all know that too. they are too sweet & perfect. :)

part 2 will be coming soon! xx

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